Don't Buy a Used Car Before Reading This!!

Car Scams in Kenya: Many motorists are aware of the fact that there are a lot of used car scams out there. Sadly,most do not know exactly what these scams are and how you can identify them before it is too late. However, I have good news for you. There is no need to worry anymore because there are insights on these scams below. Car Scams in Kenya:
Perhaps the scam that most are familiar with, clocking is the practice of winding back the odometer. This makes the vehicle more desirable and so that higher prices can be negotiated. Carefully examine the area around the odometer for any signs of tampering such as scratches. You should also view the Ministry of transport history as this will list the mileage at the last check. It will also indicate whether or not the odometer has been changed.
Money Transfer Scams
These scams both typically occur online -you must always be extra vigilant online. The first is the one is where the seller claims that the car will be shipped from overseas once a payment has been made this will be fake and the seller will vanish after taking your money. The other is a deposit scam where they pressure you into putting down a deposit to secure the vehicle. Again, they will disappear after receiving your money. Avoid both of these by always viewing a car in person and meeting the seller, or insisting that you select a third-party to hold the funds.
Stolen Car
It can be very hard to spot a stolen car, but there are a few signs such as very low prices and the seller not meeting you at their house. To be completely sure, it is important to carry out that vehicle check. This will flag up whether or not it is stolen, as well as anything else that the seller might be attempting to hide .They can be outstanding finance or unpaid insurance.
Cut and Shut
Cut and Shut automobiles are ones which have been assembled from two or more written off cars. This is an illegal practice not to mention they are incredibly dangerous to drive. Look for mismatched panels or signs that the car has been re-sprayed, but the best way to spot a cut and shut is with a history report which will indicate if it has been written off.
It can be difficult to spot scams sometimes, which is why you should always take the initiative to carry out history checks to ensure that the vehicle and seller are legitimate. Car Scams in Kenya.

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